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3 in 1

* I dreamt about my step dad Jim abusing/trying to kill me although I don't remember what.

* The second dream had to do with my friends and it was really bad too, although I don't remember it.

* I dreamt I was working with Subs at my old job except things changed. We had all these new meats, rules and management. To make things worse the customers were terrible, noisy and wouldn't say what they wanted exactly so they then blew up at us. I went to take a break when I hear my brother behind me saying, "Hii!" I told him to go away, that I wasn't in the mood to talk. I had a customer and after making his sub he just got mad when I said we didn't have a 12" who then left.Well my brother then says, "Well your grandma is on her way to the hospital, on her way to die." He suddenly had my attention but he was litteraly skipping away from my job down this long corridor, singing happily. I kept calling after him in tearas, to turn around and tell me. I got so upset I just got on my knees in the door way and started throwing up right there.

I'm awake, I've never experienced such a night of Hell. :( I don't want to go back to sleep...for a long...long time.

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