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I had a strange conglomeration of dreams last night with one common thread throughout: the same song was playing over and over again. The song was I’m so happy, I can’t stop crying by Toby Keith and Sting. Now, why would that be going on?

Anyway, I’ll see if I can muddle through the dreams in a somewhat sequential order …

To start with, I was back home for my grandfather’s funeral again. Except, we didn’t go to the funeral because we had already had one. So, we were all at home in this sort of shocked state, just muddling through the day over finger foods and memories. But then it was just my Mom and Dad and me. We were out on a porch. Not our porch, just some random porch, and it was in the middle of a winter field. I mean, like, the grass was all dead and there was lots of mud. But every now and then, the porch seemed to be teleported into the barn that was right near by so that we could look at the horses in there. I kept asking why Lodi and Dusty were inside. They said they weren’t sure if they could turn Lodi out, and Dusty was hurt …

Note: Lodi belonged to an acquaintance a long time ago, and Dusty is one of my school horses who is currently hurt.

… I offered to turn them out in two separate round pins so they wouldn’t have to stand inside all the time, and they could watch the other horses that way. Mom and Dad agreed. Then they both got up rather abruptly and said they had a meeting to go to with Robin, Dana and Francis. I said “Why? Why on earth are you getting mixed up in that?”
and Mom’s response to me was “Well, Dana said she wanted you to have Cisco for a while.” …

Note: Robin is a very good friend of mine, as is Dana. Dana has a broken wrist at the moment and lives 4 states away. Her horse is still here, so she obviously can’t ride him. He’s an awesome horse, so it is a shame he’s not getting any work. The Francis thing is confusing. She’s a horrible witch of a woman that none of the people mentioned so far would ever want to deal with. WTF?

… I was totally shocked and I didn’t know what to say. But Mom and Dad insisted. They planned to pay for everything, including board, so that I could have Cisco until Dana was able to ride again, and ready to move him out west with her. This is a huge deal because I already have one horse to take care of, so there was no way I could financially take care of a second one. So, Mom said she had better go disk up those two round pins for Lodi and Dusty, and then they both headed off. I was still dazed, but I turned the two horses out and then got in my car to go see Ann. While driving, Dana called and I was trying to talk to her about Cisco. I had just arrived at Ann’s house and let myself in (only, it wasn’t really Ann’s house. In fact, I had never seen this house before.) Ann was there and greeted me quietly since I was on the phone. But then I lost Dana, so I hung up. Ann had several friends over that I assume were all from college, but I’m not sure. She was very chipper and tried to cheer me up since something seemed wrong. I was afraid to tell her that Dana was giving Cisco to me, since Ann is Dana’s best friend and is recently horse-less. And has been taking care of Cisco lately. But I didn’t say anything and then she wanted to take me outside to show me her new dog kennel and barn. She was expecting a beautiful white and gray Samoyed later that day. She was very excited about the new dog. At this point I started to forget about my other problems and got excited for Ann and wanted to see the Samoyed too, so I waited around until she arrived. She was beautiful! And she had that strange, beautiful sing-song bark-howl going on that Samoyeds have …

And, that is all I can remember, except for that song, which continued to play throughout like a soudtrack. It is still stuck in my head!
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