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The Blu Dragon


Hello everyone:

It seems I have been lax in my duties as moderator. I apologise for my long absence (read my own journal if you want to know why). I'm glad people have come forward to help each other with interpretation as needed. For those who have never received any response for your dreams, I'll comb through the blog and help out as time permits.

Right now I'd like to make a couple of changes and notices:

  1. I'd like to add a FAQ and Link section of "useful references" for people who want to read more about dreams, dream interpretation, lucid dreaming, or any other subject which the group wants. Any suggestions and ideas would be very welcome.
  2. While I know this is a free blog, and I don't want to obstruct or censor anything unless I believe it is harmful, I'm going to have to ask that there be no posts advertising or soliciting anything. There are times and places for this sort of thing, but not in a dream-interpreting community.
  3. Finally, I'd like to make something clear: Like the rest of your thoughts, dreams are the most intimate possessions you own. As far I am concerned, your dreams are your property and your property alone. They should not be rated, borrowed, stolen, sold, tricked out of you, or otherwise used without your specific conscious consent, and I am offended by anyone who would consider doing this.
    To paraphrase the "my info" entry to this site: the only purpose for which this community was founded was to be an academic experiment into understanding a particular area of human thought. This blog was not meant for commercial use or quantitative study. (I believe these purposes are also against the LJ TOS.)

That's all. Thanks for listening. And good night, folks.

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