halley (city_sleeps) wrote in 101nightmares,

somehow, i inherited a shitload of really valuable things. it was basically just a bag full of weird antique looking things. in the earlier parts of the dream, i was like looking up how much they were worth and one thing alone was like worth a billion dollars or something ridiculous. why i inherited this with my parents still alive and two older sisters is beyond me, i kept saying it in the dream too. but anyway, so then i was at this sort of hotel/by the pool thing with a bar. my roommate juliet and i were having a really good time at this party celebrating my richness. it was actually so sweet because there was music and as soon as the music would stop the waiters would run over just to the two of us and fill up our champagne glasses.

this lasted for awhile and then i went over to my bags to make sure that everything was still there. i spent a few minutes zipping everything up and sealing up my bags. and then this is were shit got shady.

once i was done with the bag, i turned back to the party and it was over. so, juliet and i headed up to the hotel room. i think i called my best friend victor to tell him the news, and i wasn't actually in the hotel room yet. i get back to the floor and i hear crazy screaming and breaking glass. i realize that its coming from my hotel room. i open the door and i see our friend jason and juliet. jason is screaming and there is broken glass everywhere, like he and juliet were in a fight. all i saw was juliet's legs sitting in a chair, so she could have been dead. so i ran back down to the lobby to call the police. (note: jason and juliet are friends but not very close so that they would ever be in a fight like that is very very strange)

i was having an impossible time trying to call 617 373 3333 for the freaking northeastern university campus police (i dont think that's even the real number) and eventually i started trying to call 911. i always have dreams where i have to call 911 and i can't get the phone to work. i get so antsy that i am hitting weird numbers. the screen was saying fucking strange things like "DIM FS:" with weird numbers after.

finally, i saw victor pull up across the street so i ran across. i was telling victor to hurry up because he was trying to do something in his truck. i helped him shove a bunch of shit out of his truck bed into the cab and then i was just screaming that we had to go. i tried to explain that i needed him to go get juliet.

after this, we didn't really make it upstairs, we were in the hotel but it was like half a train station platform. no trains were coming though, just a really long walkway. then jason comes around the corner with a white rope and says he's going to kill victor too. (jason and victor have never even met) i tell victor to start running and i try to get the rope from jason. i get it out of his hands and victor comes back to confront jason. he pulls out his knife and is sort of showing off. jason is like 'oh victor, victor' and pulls out 3 huge knives. victor only has two.

i run away. i think i was going to go check on poor juliet.

and then i woke up.

this was an especially disturbing nightmare because i had only been asleep for like an hour- usually i get woken up by bad dreams after about 4 hours of sleep.
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