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Kat Masters

Introduction and a dead sister dream, zombie

I have long been plagued by nightmares, as frequent as 2-3 times a month, with the severity that they wake me up, and sometimes with residual feelings that last the entire day. I finally realized the other day I could post these dreams (nightmares) and get some feedback, hopefully!


I had a strange dream Saturday Night (the 8th) that I should have written down earlier, but couldn't because it bothered me so badly.

In it, I was living somewhere not in Colorado or here. It was a cloudy day, very dark. I was part of an assassin group or something, there were two or three of us, and several teams besides mine. In it, I had to kill my sister, and the husband of a neighbor. (The neighbor is no one I actually know.)

Afterwords, I felt absolutely terrible. I dont' know why this was my mission, and the guilt of killing my sister weighed very heavily. I also had to tell the neighbor what I had done, and she broke down, doubling my guilt. We were at a swimming pool, and her husband as a zombie began lumbering towards me. I was excited, because in a way, this meant her husband was back.

However, he lurched towards me with an intent to kill, so I grasped the fleshy area of his cheeks and squeezed. his flesh gave way beneath my fingers, and I got a good grip on his skull and I ripped it from his spine. I then tossed the skull into the pool and that is where the nightmare ended.

Any ideas or interpretations would be greatly appreciated! I've had recurring themes for several years now, and dream books simply don't help. I'm not inclined to believe that all dreams can be standardized in books in a simple two or three sentence explanation. So, anyone who has any ideas, or is good at this sort of thing, your help would be loved!
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