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Freakin' creepy

I dreamt that I was watching this TV program where they were discussing some ghosts. This family took a picture and said that the image of their deceased father was in it. They did an analysis, showing a rough drawing with X's where the ghosts is believed to be. To end the program, the family looks out at the viewer waving and saying good bye.

...The scary/strange thing is that on the left of the family this ghostly woman is there. She has her arm outstretched in front of her and before I knew it she's coming closer and closer and starting to come right out of the TV at me! :( I was trying to scream and move, but I couldn't make a noise above a muffled scream (like my mouth was sewed shut) and I couldn't move a muscle. It was like someone was holding my arms and legs and I couldn't move.

What's even worse is that...I was actually flailing quite a bit in real life, attempting to wake myself up. Let's just was very hard to sleep after that last night. :(


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