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Forgotten dream

I had this dream last night or the night before, either's rather uncomfortable.

I dreamt that I was visiting my ex-boyfriend John's house for some reason for Christmas or some other holiday celebration. The banister leading upstairs had lights and fake pine needles, it didn't really look like his house though. I believe I was wishing his parents happy holidays or something, I don't know. I ended up going upstairs and talking to John, which was rather uncomfortable. Somehow, one way or another, something really weird happened. Either I kissed him, he kissed me, we took a bath together (like I said, really weird), it was something. Either way I think it was like a make out session of sorts.

What's uncomfortable about this is that I have a boyfriend and I love him to pieces, so why this would happen to my real jerk of an ex-boyfriend I have no idea. :\ I went over to see my boyfriend, Sean, for Christmas and I was really uncomfortable because I was thinking about what happened. I knew he didn't deserve such treatment and here I was being a complete bitch to him, making out (or whatever it was) with my ex. :( He could tell I was upset and told me that I could tell him what was bothering him, that whatever it was he would understand.

I kept thinking about how John's girlfriend should know about this as well (she didn't deserve to be treated like shit by him) and somehow if I told Sean everything would be better. I told him what happened and suddenly he was extremely angry at me. :( I kept trying to appologize and started crying repeatedly on how it just happened and I don't know how it did happen. Finally he told me to just "GET OUT!" and I ran out of his bedroom in tears.

All through this dream I could feel myself crying, I wanted to curl into a ball and just die. I never want to hurt my boyfriend, how the heck could I have dreamt of something like this?

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