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I dreamt that Jester and I were visiting Bekah's house. After a while, we got in the mood to be alone. So we took his car and drove it into their backyard, which is very big and extends a great distance. Before long, Bekah's dad comes out and says that we can't park out that far, that it's against the law. So we bring the car up closer to the house, but still in the backyard.

We were just chilling in the car now when suddenly a silver PT cruiser breaks through the fence that surrounds the yard. The two of us are in shock and before long, my ex boyfriend John is coming towards the car. The doors are locked and the windows are up, but he's trying to break into the car to get me. Jester was so furious and kept saying that he was going to go out and teach him a lesson, I kept telling him no because he'll go away eventually (I hope). Well Jester does go out and tells him to go away, strangely he does. However, he gets into his PT cruiser and starts ramming it into our car. The doors are now jammed close and I can't get out as he continually hits our car with his. I then try to get out through the trunk of the car and while I'm doing that my legs are still stuck in the main part of the car and I'm screaming, hoping that my legs don't get crushed because of his car.

I do get out of the car, however I don't remember what happens after that. All I remember next is being inside all by myself, I know that I have to keep my doors locked because John is coming after me. I then hear a knock on my door and when I get up to check the eye hole, the door is broken open and in comes John. Being angry and scared, I rush at him and jump into his arms...grabbing his hair/head and attempting to knock him unconscious. I get away from him and rush to my mom's room where I lock the door and lean up against it, while calling the police. I can feel him trying to break down the door against my back, I can hear him yelling out at me.

That's all I can remember.

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