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I've been lurking for a while now :3

Most of my dreams are not realistic, or at least the ones I can remember. This is the first one I've had in which the events could take place in a very long time. So. I'd like to hear your thoughts. =3

It was night, and I was cruising along with my boyfriend in the passenger's seat. (We drive depending on whose car we take). I take a right turn, into another car. Luckily, no one was injured. We all stood around and bs'd till a cop came to do a damage report. I didn't look at my car, but the girls (and a family was inside the car as well) was slightly dented. They stayed long enough to say a slightly skewed version of the national anthem. My dad wondered up (don't know why he was there.) Then, my boyfriend wondered off. After talking to the policeman, and telling him about not seeing the car (he said everyone wants to blame the other person). I went off to find my boyfriend. I called and called his house, and kept getting a strange little girl saying she was sorry. (A man carrying trash followed me out of a building at this point). Then, I got ahold of one of his parents, and they said he grabbed a ride with a friend home. I remember being really sad and hurt. o.o

So, I hopped back into my car to go home myself, zooming along. Then, I come to a group of construction workers waving me away wildly, I notice the road block (a small orange cone) too late, then screech to a hault some 10 feet after it. I apologize profusely as all the workers walk past me in a slow line, as a steam roller passes over where my car would have been sitting. One of the workers shoved a mechanical pencil in my pocket, then sneered as they walked by.

That's about all I have aside from driving off again. Please comment. ^^;
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