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Music of the night

I have noticed a pattern in many of my dreams lately (though this pattern has been present off and on for years). I know I have repeating symbols ... horses, wolves, recurring dreams ... but I've got a handle on those. Now I'm wondering about music.

The dream dictionaries I have looked at so far don't really say much about music. They mention background soundtracks, but give no explanation of a recurring pattern. In my music dreams, I am singing or a group that I am with is singing (including me), or I know the person singing. Sometimes I do get the background soundtrack, but not often. Sometimes I know the song, sometimes I don't. Sometimes the song is accompanied by words kind of like a sing-along. Sometimes the songs are in a foreign language, and once, the song was in a language I did not know (Hungarian), but I knew it was perfect. In that dream I asked the man to sing the song again and this time subtitles popped up. I was going to copy the words down in my dream so that my waking self would be able to remember the words. Sadly, I woke up.

Any thoughts on why I like to sing so much in my sleep? I'm not a musician. I do enjoy music and singing along with the radio or in church, but it's not like I'm all that good. I have other talents that I love and pursue passionatly.
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