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One Hundred and One Nightmares

Bedtime Stories From the Collective Unconscious

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Assertion: Livejournal as a whole consists of thousands of voices, each telling their life story one tiny piece at a time.
Theory: Just as grains of sand make a beach, the sum total of all stories on Livejournal itself adds up to a staggering collection of shared life experiences.

Assertion: A community in this environment, while primarily serving a social purpose, has a side-effect of collecting a specific type of experience, such as shared hobbies, interests or observations.
Theory: If a community was formed for the purpose of collecting some type of experience which relates to personal or common symbolism (such as dream interpretation), the nature of the collected experiences would become focused, providing an opportunity to study this specific range of experience enough to produce statistically meaningful results.
In this particular case, the weight of data could lead to common threads, or perhaps ultimately even point to some kind of disjoint story...a universal story everyone could relate to.

The game is simple: Post a vivid dream you had. It can be a good or a bad dream, happy or unpleasant. Details are important! Interpret it if you like, or explain if you like.

Feel free to write your own observations on any dreams, but please be nice, and do not pass judgement.